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Neiman Marcus, the iconic American store renowned for its access to exclusive and emerging brands, launches Lab to Beauty’s high performance CBD + CBG beauty collections. The Lab to Beauty new arrivals now available at Neiman Marcus include the luxury CBD face care collection for a clear and calm complexion, the CBD anti-aging body care collection with hyaluronic hydration for luminous skin, and the elevated CBG face + body care collection with healing hydration to reveal youthful skin.

About Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is the Dallas-based luxury retailer, providing customers access to exclusive and emerging brands, anticipatory service, and unique experiences since 1907. Each day, Neiman Marcus digitally connects with customers worldwide while delighting them with exceptional experiences across a physical 37-store presence in the U.S. From delectable dining and indulgent beauty services to bespoke experiences and exclusive products, there's something for everyone.

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New York, NY: The Beauty independent, the highly-respected digital publication dedicated to the pioneering entrepreneurs pushing the beauty industry to new heights, covers the exciting launch of Le Cleanse Officiel and the unique relationship behind the creation of the brand. Claire McCormack writes, “In 2018, Mirella Siciliano, then a senior beauty buyer at Barneys New York, fell in love with the luxury CBD brand Lab to Beauty. Now, she’s joining forces with Katherine and Alison Ragusa, the sisters behind Lab to Beauty at its parent company Advantage Brands Group, on Le Cleanse Officiel, a new microbiome-focused skincare brand.”

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About Le Cleanse Officiel Le Cleanse targets the skin-intellectuals that crave a purposeful brand of minimal complexity for maximum efficacy. The brand, created by former Barneys New York beauty buyer Mirella Siciliano, is committed to shifting the narrative from what is wrong with your skin to properly preserving and protecting it by defining the core essentials for healthy skin. Formulated with pre + probiotics and soothing fruits + flowers, the collection includes a modern 3-Step System + Boosters to help amplify your routine.

About Advantage Brands Group Advantage Brands Group specializes in the development of high quality, all-natural beauty + fashion brands. They provide the essential support apparatus for the origination, design, structure, financing, development, and more for all of their businesses and partnerships.

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