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Lab to Beauty Acquisition Profile

The Advantage Brands Group’s Lab to Beauty™ luxury beauty collection is leading the way as the first full-range CBD and CBG lineup in the premium beauty market, and we are now making this market-leading premium beauty and wellness brand available for investment or acquisition.


Starting Lab to Beauty 

Katherine Ragusa and Alison Ragusa


We created Lab to Beauty as part of the Advantage Co brand development program. The Advantage Co is our eclectic Ragusa family enterprise that encompasses the worlds of technology, beauty, wellness, fashion, culinary, wine, and more.


Our family has a storied tradition as merchants dating back generations.  As the next generation of Ragusa merchants, we have the pleasure to work with life’s greatest treasures, and it is our intention to always delight our customers’ tastes and senses.  In doing so, we’ve always had [and have] the most passion for creating our own premium brands to satisfy our customers’ needs and desires while always enriching the user experience.


We feel very fortunate to have our legacy merchant roots and resources available to us. Over the past decade, we have developed a keen sense of what is trending and what is missing in the premium fashion and beauty markets, and these are two of the factors that often inspire the brands we develop.


Lab to Beauty came to be because we found a radical ingredient [CBD] that fascinated us.  Alison recognized the dramatic impact CBD could have on beauty and skin care, and we knew we had something really special available to us as the foundation of a new market-leading beauty and wellness line.  


Alison studied holistic health in pursuit of her master’s degree in Gastronomy at Boston University and she always punctuates how inflammation is the #1 health and beauty offender, and since CBD is one of the absolute best ways to soothe inflammation, we couldn’t have been more excited to harness its powers into a high-end beauty and wellness collection.  


“Relaxation is the key skin to radiant skin.  With Lab to Beauty, we use supercritical hemp-derived CBD to calm, soothe, and combat skin’s #1 enemy: Inflammation.”  - Alison Ragusa


Alison spends most of her time in Los Angeles, so she’s been an eye-witness to the CBD phenomenon sprouting there [and around the world], and we knew instinctively that it was something we had to be part of the emerging vanguard.  We set out to build the premier spa-grade CBD beauty and wellness product line in the marketplace, and, with Lab to Beauty, we feel we have done just that.

The name Lab to Beauty was inspired by the Farm to Table movement that puts plants first and helped to transform the purity of the food industry.  Likewise, Lab to Beauty’s goal is to revolutionize the quality and purity of the beauty industry.  Lab to Beauty is a clean beauty movement centered around the pure potency of plants + the profound healing effects of CBD.

Clean CBD Beauty

Lab to Beauty’s supercritical hemp-derived CBD provides next-level efficacy to soothe, repair, and protect your skin and hair, plus your internal system.  The reputed dynamic benefits of CBD are boundless.  From fighting inflammation, reducing acne, preventing breakouts, boosting elasticity, stimulating collagen production, enhancing radiance, fading wrinkles, lightening dark spots, treating eczema, and regulating oil production, CBD, for some, does it all and performs highly in each and every Lab to Beauty product.


The Lab to Beauty Process


Lab to Beauty employs the finest processes to expertly extract and effectively deliver the highest performing CBD and CBG on the market.  We use supercritical CO2 extraction, without the use of any harsh chemicals [no hexane and no butane].  


Additionally, each complimentary plant active in Lab to Beauty’s formulas is extracted with equal care, in the cleanest of lab environments, bottled fresh, and brought right to your beauty routine. Our commitment to quality and the environment is seen in every detail of our CBD and CBG products.  From the formulas to the packaging and design, we’ve spared no expense. Our formulas are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Gluten-Free.  

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“You have been such a true inspiration and supporter.  You are amazing.  Truly amazing.”

Daniella Vitale on Lab to Beauty,

CEO, Barneys New York  |  September 10, 2019


Press Release

August 29, 2019

Lab to Beauty Expands Full Range CBD Care with New Shampoo + Conditioner

Williamsville, New York – Williamsville, New York - Lab to Beauty expands its wide ranging assortment of luxury CBD beauty products with their highly anticipated CBD Hair Care Collection. The Nourishing Shampoo [$48] and The Moisturizing Conditioner [$50] launch December 2019. Plant Based, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free and Color Safe, both the Shampoo and Conditioner feature an exotic blend of Awapuhi, Aloe Vera, Hemp, Jojoba and Coconut Oils + nourishing CBD, formulated for all hair types.

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