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Forbes Highlights Lab to Beauty’s New CBG Beauty Launch at the Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference

Katie Shapiro, the Senior Contributor at Forbes, highlighted Lab to Beauty’s new CBG Beauty Collection launch at the upcoming Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference. In her article, Shapiro states, “A stand-out brand at LMCC last year for its beloved CBD-based supplement, skincare, bath and body products, Lab to Beauty returns to LMCC 2020 to exclusively launch a new line formulated with CBG—a plant compound known as the “stem cell” of cannabinoids. Positioned as even more luxe, it’s the first-ever skincare collection to feature CBG and it includes a cleansing oil, face oil, moisture mask, repair cream, and body oil to provide “next-level healing and repair.”

Jed Wexler, Executive Director and Editor-In-Chief of LMCC calls Lab to Beauty’s new CBG Beauty Collection, “A super-luxury CBG beauty regimen meant to sit next to La Mer and that level of quality and formulation.” The Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference takes place virtually on September 15th and 16th and Lab to Beauty’s Creators are set to speak about CBG and their innovative new collection at the conference.

A B O U T   L A B   T O   B E A U T Y Lab to Beauty is the leading luxury CBD beauty brand created by NY + LA based sisters Katherine and Alison Ragusa. Bottled fresh in the lab and brought right to your beauty routine, Lab to Beauty “elevates CBD to the top tier of the beauty category” and has been named the “Pot of CBD Gold” by the Beauty Independent.

Lab to Beauty is a clean beauty movement that takes a holistic approach to CBD. Each plant-based + spa-grade CBD Face Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Bath, and Wellness product works to clear and calm your complexion, awaken and strengthen your hair, and soothe all of your senses from the inside out. Formulated for all skin + hair types, Lab to Beauty is THC-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Made in the USA.

For press opportunities contact Katherine Ragusa, Lab to Beauty Co-Creator. 716.380.3074

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