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Advantage Brands' Lab to Beauty premium beauty and wellness collection is the leading full-range CBD and CBG lineup in the luxury beauty market. We are now making this market-leading premium beauty and wellness brand available for investment or acquisition. 

At Lab to Beauty, we began our national and international rollout with our 2020 launch in Saks Fifth Avenue. We have since expanded our positioning with Neiman Marcus, Revolve, and the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. 

Lab to Beauty provides an investor with a market position at the very top.

Lab to Beauty’s premium market position provides an investor and/or acquirer with instant cache and market position at the very top of the beauty and wellness world.  


This position is not something that just anyone can buy, rather it takes a combination of market savvy, brand quality, and timing.  Lab to Beauty has established itself at the top of the CBD beauty and wellness market.

An investment or acquisition of Lab to Beauty would provide an acquirer an immediate foothold and diversification into one of the industry’s fastest-growing categories. 


The essential value of our Lab to Beauty to a potential acquirer is our premium positioning which allows for instant market penetration internationally with the accompanying potential volume ... as well as an opportunity to build out a brand extension or additional brands with Lab to Beauty as the cache brand on the masthead.

Introducing our law firm

The Luxury CBD Beauty Brand


The Collection

Lab to Beauty is a complete collection of spa-grade beauty and wellness products centered around the transformative effects of CBD + plants, bottled fresh in the lab and brought right to your beauty routine.


The Growth

First to enter the luxury market, Lab to Beauty has been remarkably well-positioned at Saks Fifth Avenue, Revolve, Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Neiman Marcus, and Douglas in Europe.


The Press

Lab to Beauty has received international praise and recognition from Forbes to British GQ, Refinery 29 to New York Magazine’s The Cut, Something Navy to Women's Health, and many more.


The Investment Profile

In this market, size and immediate access count.  We believe that with the right partner or participative acquirer, Lab to Beauty can maintain and extend our remarkable lead in the luxury CBD marketplace.

Our Brands


Best CBD Line in the Industry. Period.”

Randall Welch, Saks Fifth Avenue,

Selling Director, Cosmetics & Fragrances


Press Release

January 24, 2020

Lab to Beauty launches its Luxury CBD Beauty Experience at Saks Fifth Avenue


New York, New York.  With its debut at Saks Fifth Avenue, Lab to Beauty continues to set the standard for CBD infused products at the top of the luxury beauty and wellness market.


Lab to Beauty is partnering with Saks Fifth Avenue to launch its new Lab to Beauty 360 Luxury CBD Beauty Experience at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Beverly Hills, 5th Ave, and Brickell locations as well as at

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