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Fontainebleau Elevates Miami Spa Scene with Lab to Beauty CBD

Miami Beach, Florida - The Fontainebleau takes famous Miami Spa Month to the next level with the introduction of Lab to Beauty CBD in their luxurious Lapis Spa. The Fontainebleau has designed a signature massage around Lab to Beauty, titled “The Deep Massage with CBD + Lavender.” This specialty service features the Lab to Beauty CBD Spa Oil + Better Body Serum for an ultra restorative spa experience.

The Fontainebleau unveiled this exciting new CBD Massage with the creators of Lab to Beauty, sisters Katherine and Alison Ragusa, during a private event for Miami’s top Influencers. The exclusive event treated the industry influencers to Lab to Beauty’s signature massage followed by a lunch (complete with Lab to Beauty CBD Mocktails) to discuss the ABC’s of CBD with the creators and the incredible team at the Fontainebleau.

Lab to Beauty’s signature massage at the Fontainebleau is part of the “Lapis Luxuries” priced at $139 for 50 mins of “maximum relaxation and pain relief to reclaim your mental sanity and well-being.” This Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy Massage eases tense muscles, reduces feelings of stress and helps you emerge fully refreshed from the 150mg of Lab to Beauty’s high potency CBD sourced from organically grown hemp plant, infused with anti-inflammatory lavender. This special offering runs until August 31st, 2019.

The complete Lab to Beauty CBD Skin + Wellness Collection is available in Fontainebleau’s Lapis retail store.

A B O U T   L A B   T O   B E A U T Y Lab to Beauty is the first CBD Skin Care line to enter the luxury market. Picked up exclusively by Barneys New York, and now available at the Fontainebleau, Lab to Beauty has been named “The Pot of CBD Gold” [quote from The Beauty Independent]. Lab to Beauty was co-created by sisters, Katherine, Juliana, and Alison Ragusa, who are well-known in the premium skincare industry for their ongoing development of Bogavia Beauty of the Adriatic and Tony Walker & Co fashion + beauty operation.

Just as the farm to table movement has transformed the food industry, putting plants first and making clean eating a priority, Lab to Beauty hopes to transform the beauty industry and luxury market with their clean skin care movement centered around the pure potency and sensuality of plants, enhanced with the healing effects of CBD. All Lab to Beauty products are bottled fresh in the lab and brought right to your beauty routine.

For press opportunities contact Katherine Ragusa, Lab to Beauty Co-Creator. 716.380.3074

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